Project: Capturing and Visualizing Classroom Activity Data to Reveal Participation Trends

Have you ever thought that class participation grades are too subjective? Are you tired of that one person who dominates the classroom discussion, or feel like your opinion isn’t heard? Are you interested in using technology to improve recitations and instructional training for TAs at CMU?

We are looking for student researchers to help our team develop real-world data collection, visualization, and personal training for TAs. Our system helps instructors answer questions such as: How much did I talk? Was it too much? Did my questions generate responses? What did I do that worked or didn’t work? How can I increase student participation?

  • For the first half of the semester, research assistants will conduct classroom observations using a custom-built behavioral coding program.

  • If interested, you may also assist in building our training app starting immediately.

  • After data collection is complete, you may choose to work on  data analysis and visualization, or shift to developing classroom sensor technologies.

You should be comfortable working with data tables (CSVs and so on) and simple recording equipment (a digital voice recorder). Additional tasks are available for those experienced with design tools (such as Sketch or Photoshop), APIs (such as Processing and Google), and/or sensors (e.g., Kinect). You will work directly with a PhD student to learn live coding of classroom environments, as well as all other aspects of the work.

Candidates should be available for at least 3 to 9 hours of work per week. We can offer either pay or independent study credit.

Contact via email the following Andrew ID: dgerrits


Posted Jan 9, 2018